BT35-11 Series Explosion proof axial flow fans (IIB)

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  • Designed for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2;
  • Designed for IIA and IIB groups explosive atmospheres
  • Design for temperature classifications T1 ~ T4
  • Design for explosives hazardous locations such as oil refinery, storage, chemical, phamaceuticals, military industries, etc.
  • Design for ventilation and laboratory.

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  • Explosion proof axial flow fan is composed of explosion motor, fan blades, wind cylinder etc.
  • The fan is with large chord. tortle space tilting structure, which can meet the requirements of air flow and pressure
  • Impeller structure is available as per request.
  • Impeller installation adopts symmetrical type of ventilate in two sides at different adjustment angles and it is convenient for installation and usage.
  • Low noise, less consumption and reliable explosion proof performance.
  • Flexible mounting types: Wall pipes post fixed.
  • Impeller speed (Motor power or air flow) can be chosen as per request.
  • steel pipe or cable wiring

Ordering References


  • Series A as an improved product are with much more improvements in fan, air flow and noise control, Other requirements please indicate.
    For example: 1. if need BT35-11  explosion proof aial flow fan with fan No.3:15 rated voltage 380V and wall, the model shall  be “BT35-11.15/380”
    2. If need BT35-11 explosion proof axial flow fan of series A with fan No.5C rated voltage 220v and pipe, the model shall be “BT35-11-A-5C/220II”

Technical Parameters