Warom BL8060 Series Explosion-proof Circuit Breaker Module

◆ Explosion Protection to EN,IEC

◆ Can be used inZone 1,2 Class I  Division 2  Groups A,B, C, D

◆ Product of flame-proof structure; the cavity is of engineering plastic embedded with high strength metal frame structure; with strong corrosion-proof capacity and reliable performance.

◆ Built-in Schneider iC65 series MCB, special operation mechanism-intrnally designed, reliable overall operation.

Certified Authentic With Complete Certificate

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Global (IECEx) IECEx CQM 14.0031U
Gas Ex d e IIC Gb
Europe (ATEX) EUT 14 ATEX 1301U
Gas spacer.gif20190620162533962.jpg@!w400II 2 G Ex d e IIC Gb
Certificates IECEx; ATEX
Conformity to standards EN;IEC


Enclosure Material GRP(glass fibre-reinforced polyester resin)
Dimensions As per design
Rated voltage Max. 690V AC
Rated current 1~63A
Mechanical life 20000 times
Auxiliary contact 1NO+1NC(Indicating contact in OF state)
Nunmber of pole 1P, 2P,3P,4P 1PL,2PL(≤ 63A)
Surface Mounting Standard
Pedestal Mounting Optional