CZ0870 street light

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The explosion-proof street light fitting comprises the explosion-proof- lamp cap, explosion-proof- terminal box and lamp pole which are used together, with sprayed surfaces and stainless steel exposed fasterners, so that it has good anti-corrosion performance and can be extensively used for illumination for streets and locations in all chemical factories.
The transparent shiled of the explosion-proof light fitting is made by the toughened glass of borosilicate. Explosion-proof light fitting fitted with high-purity aliminum reflector mirror can cause better illumination effect through the precise optical design.
The Electric appliances such as metal halide lamp high pressure sodium vapor lamp, electromagnetic induction energy saving lamp ballast and trigger can explosion-proof terminals mounted in, which is applicable for rubber coated and the armored cable wiring.
The lamp pole can be molded from high quality steel, the  structure of which is conical rod. before the surface is to be high  voltage electrostatic sprayed both inside and outside is hot dip zinc treated. Therefore, the lamp pole has good anti-corrosion performance

  • The degree of protection is up to IP66
  • It is convenient to be mounted and maintained
  • The designed of intergration is used


Main techinical data


Order specification of the lamp cap  explosion-proof street light

The outline dimension of the lamp cap of the explosion-proof steet light:

Mounting accessories of the street light
Order specification of the lamp pole of street light


CZ0930 The order of specification of explosion-proof terminal box


CZ0930 The outline dimension of the explosion-proof terminal box


Spare parts of light source


Mounting ways and outline dimensions


Base diagram:
This base diagram is used for the lamp hole with height less than 10 meters