EEW ZXF8030/51 Explosion Proof Corrosion Resistance Switches (IIC, TD)

Designed for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2; Designed for combustible dust Zone 21 and Zone 22; Designed for IIA, IIB and IIC groups explosive atmospheres; Designed for temperature classifications T1~T6 ; Designed for explosive hazardous locations such as oil refinery, storage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, textile, military industries etc

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Enclosure is increased safety and is made from GRP with good appearance and heat stability, and it has the features of good shape, corrosion resistance,static resistance, impact resistance, good thermal reliability, etc . Built-in flameproof control switch has advantages of compact structure, good reliability, small volume, high capacity of turning on-off,long service life and also with a lot of functions for users to choose; Adopt labyrinth sealing structure with foaming process to ensure the good performance of waterproof and dustproof ; Exposed fasteners are of stainless steel material with anti drop design, which is convenient for users to install and maintain; Steel pipe or cable wiring.

Technical Parameters

Compliance with: GB 3836.1, GB 3836.2, GB 3836.3, GB 12476.1, GB12476.5, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7; Explosion protection: Ex d e IIC T6 Gb, Ex tD A21 IP65 T80℃; Rated voltage: AC 220V; Rated current: 10A; Ingress protection: IP65; Corrosion resistance: WF2; Cable entry: G3/4″; Cable outer diameters: Φ9 mm~Φ14 mm Switch code: Contact combination: 

Outline and Mounting Dimensions