EEW BXS Series Explosion Proof Maintenance Power Socket Box (IIB, IIC, tD)

Details Application Designed for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2; Designed for combustible dust Zone 21 and Zone 22; Designed for IIA, IIB and IIC groups explosive atmospheres; Designed for temperature classifications T1~T4/T5/T6; Designed for explosive hazardous locations such as oil refinery, storage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, textile, printing, military industries etc.

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Suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 dangerous places in explosive gas environment;

Suitable for class IIA, IIB and IIC explosive gas environment;

SUitable for 20, 21 and 22 areas of combustible dust environment;

Suitable for T1-T6 environment;

It is suitable for explosive hazardous environments such as petrochemical, chemical, wine making, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, military facilities, etc.


The shell of this product is made of aluminum alloy die-casting or steel plate welding, and the surface is powder electrostatic spray molded after high-speed shot blasting, with beautiful appearance;

This product is a composite explosion-proof structure (steel plate is welded with explosion-proof structure), the switch box is of explosion-proof structure, the bus box and junction box are of increased safety structure;

Modular design, various circuits can be combined freely;

Built in high breaking miniature circuit breaker or molded case circuit breaker, which can be opened and closed by operating the handle outside the explosion-proof passenger body;

This product comprehensively introduces new optimized design scheme and operation mechanism, with compact and reasonable structure, strong universality, flexible and convenient operation, and good feel;

With overload, short circuit, lack of equal protection function, but also according to user requirements to add leakage protection function;

All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance;

Wiring mode, steel pipe or cable, explosion-proof hose;

It can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Technical Parameters

BXS(II C, tD) Technical Parameters

Compliance with: GB 3836.1, GB 3836.2, GB 3836.3, GB 3836.4, GB 12476.1, GB 12476.5;

Ex-mark:Ex nR IIC T6Gc/ Ex tD A21I T80;

Rated voltage:AC220/380V;

Rated current:16A,32A;

Main circuit rated current:<=225A

Number of poles: 1P+N+PE/3P+PE;

Number of branches:2,3,4,5,6

Ingress protection: IP65;

Corrosion resistance: WF1;

Cable entries: G1/2″, G2″;

Cable outer diameters: Φ11mm~Φ38mm

Mounting Dimensions