High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light LH88AB-HIA

LH88AB-HIA  High-intensity aviation obstruction lights  are used to mark buildings that may cause damage to aircraft. Combines with advanced LED, optical and system control technology to meet the most demanding applications.



Aluminum alloy die-cast shell, yellow electrostatic powder coating surface, antivibration, corrosion-resistant. Anti-UV, shock-resistant PC housing;

flammability level: UL94V-2.

Waterproof silicone seal structure.
Light source using LED technology, long life, low energy consumption, high efficiency. Professional EMC design, anti-electromagneticinterference.  Wind load level:≥240km/h.


Application & Model Code


Suitable for obstacles with a height of 150 meters.

Suitable for high salinity corrosion area.

Model Code


Technical Parameters


Product Name
High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light
Product Mode: LH88AB

Input Voltage

Power box @ DC48V
Light head @ DC48V

Rated Power    :

85 W @ 1 layer  daytime
150 W @ 2 layers daytime
220 W @ 3 layers daytime
Frequency 5  :  0-60Hz(AC power box )

Surge Lightning Protection

IEC61000-4-5 L- L 6kV
IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV

Electrostatic discharge

IEC61000-4-2 Contact discharge 8kV

IP rate :         
Light @ IP66  Power box @ IP65
Horizontal Beam :  120°

Vertical Beam  :   


LH88FA@ 270,000 ± 25% cd FAA-L856
LH88FB@ 140,000 ± 25% cd FAA-L857
LH88AA@ 200,000 ± 25% cd ICAO-Type A
LH88AB@ 100,000 ± 25% cd ICAO-Type B
LH88CA@ 200,000 ± 25% cd CAAC-Type A
LH88CB@ 100,000 ± 25% cd CAAC-Type B
Horizontal Beam : 120°

Vertical Beam :  

Flash Rate: 40FPM 
Surge Lightning: IEC61000-4-5 L- L 6kV
Protection:      IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV

Ambient humidity

0% ~ 90% RH(No condensation)

Operating temperature

-40˚C ~ +65˚C


6 Kg (One layer light head)
7.3 Kg (Junction box)
9.2 Kg (bracket)
40 Kg (AC power box)
11 Kg (DC power box)
IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV