High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light LH88FB-HIA

High-intensity aviation obstruction lights are used to mark buildings that may cause damage to aircraft.



Aluminum alloy die-cast shell, yellow electrostatic powder coating surface, antivibration, corrosion-resistant. Anti-UV, shock-resistant PC housing;

flammability level: UL94V-2.

Waterproof silicone seal structure.
Light source using LED technology, long life, low energy consumption, high efficiency. Professional EMC design, anti-electromagneticinterference.  Wind load level:≥240km/h.


Application & Model Code


Suitable for obstacles with a height of 150 meters.

Suitable for high salinity corrosion area.

Model Code


Technical Parameters


Product Name
High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light
Product Mode: LH88AB

Input Voltage

Power box @ DC48V
Light head @ DC48V

Rated Power    :

85 W @ 1 layer  daytime
150 W @ 2 layers daytime
220 W @ 3 layers daytime
Frequency 5  :  0-60Hz(AC power box )

Surge Lightning Protection

IEC61000-4-5 L- L 6kV
IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV

Electrostatic discharge

IEC61000-4-2 Contact discharge 8kV

IP rate :         
Light @ IP66  Power box @ IP65
Horizontal Beam :  120°

Vertical Beam  :   


LH88FA@ 270,000 ± 25% cd FAA-L856
LH88FB@ 140,000 ± 25% cd FAA-L857
LH88AA@ 200,000 ± 25% cd ICAO-Type A
LH88AB@ 100,000 ± 25% cd ICAO-Type B
LH88CA@ 200,000 ± 25% cd CAAC-Type A
LH88CB@ 100,000 ± 25% cd CAAC-Type B
Horizontal Beam : 120°

Vertical Beam :  

Flash Rate: 40FPM 
Surge Lightning: IEC61000-4-5 L- L 6kV
Protection:      IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV

Ambient humidity

0% ~ 90% RH(No condensation)

Operating temperature

-40˚C ~ +65˚C


6 Kg (One layer light head)
7.3 Kg (Junction box)
9.2 Kg (bracket)
40 Kg (AC power box)
11 Kg (DC power box)
IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV