High-power Alarm Sounder AE31-PLI


High-power Alarm Sounder AE31-PLI


Aluminium body, impact structure, light 
weight and excellent corrosion resistance.
Wall-mounted or plane-mounted to meet various 
installation requirements and high vibration 
Employ the industrial grade digital and audio 
chip to guarantee the high stability and EMI.
Good seal capacity features the superb waterproof 
and dustproof performance.
Model One:Optionally use wiring harness to remotely 
switch the tones, at most switch 5 tones with its 
corresponding working state.
Model Two:use internal dial switch to set up 
the tone (16 kinds).

Application & Model Code

Product Name:  High-power Alarm Sounder

Product model:  AE31-PLI

Technical Parameters


Material : Aluminum

Operating temperature:  -30˚C ~ +70˚C

Humidity:  10% ~ 95% (non coagulation)

Color:  Red(body)+Black(Speaker)

Weight:  2Kg

IP rate:  IP65


Operating voltage:  AC220±10% (customized)

Power consumption:  20W


Tone: Model 1:A/B/E/D/whistle(optional) remote

switchover: Model 2: 16 kinds of tones(See tone table)
dial switch

Decibel:  104~116dB

High-power Alarm SounderHigh-power Alarm Sounder