High Power CFL High Bay Light


Specification of Separated Ballast on Energy Saving Light

Lamp current wave coefficient (<1.7): The lifetime of fluorescent tube depends on the cathodal emissivities. The lamp current wave coefficient is one very important indicator to the cathodal emissivities. The national standard is less 1.7. If the value is the more, the hurter, the shorter of lifetime and making tha lamp flashing.

Peheating start via frequency conversion: (Switch lifetime is more 20,000 times): Heated start via frequency conversion via USA IR Chipset, it is effective to avoid the lamp impact from the instant current. It makes the lamp switch lifetime to be more 20,000 times (around 5 years).

Anormal defencive function(Sort circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, EOL function): During the lamp working, it is possible to be happened such as air leakage, no activation, no start, overcurrent int the main circuit. To protect the ballast, we set the Anormal defencive function. So that  the ballast can be self-closed. If not, the ballast will be destroyed. We set other defensive function to some waves pollution, such as other harmonic waves instant overvoltage, high energy pulse, overcurrent of lighting stroke.

Wide input voltage (AC150-265V): Where the voltage change is much, the current quantity is not good, the light can be still working well in these countries and areas. Because our active PF control technique is used in the separated energy saving light for the constant voltage.

Perfect cooling system (Metal case, heat dissipation glue, structure patent (ZL200630018174.7)): Special structure: The lampshade can effectively prevent lamp heat to the electron component via  the reflex function. Aluminum alloy case and heat dissipation glueembedment, which can effectively lower the temperature of the electron component.

Separated Structure (Ballast and Lamp are detachable): In the home, the average lifetime of lamp is 10,000 hours, our ballast lifetime is more 30,000 hours. You can replace the fault lamp for the same ballast. It will save much maintenance cost.


  • Wide input voltage range: AC150 – 265V, working even if the Grid Voltage Fluctuating
  • Programmed Preheating Technology, switch lifetime: more than 20,000 times
  • Preheating & Cut-off technology
  • RGB phosphor REO powder lamp, Ra is more 80;
  • Special protect function for abnormal matter, such as short circuit, open circuit, over-voltage, over-current, end of lamp life
  • Separated structural design, easy to maintain
  • Black glue embedment of heat dissipation, anti-flaming, moisture proof, shock proof
  • Electronic ballast life is around 30,000 hours, lamp life is around 10,000 hours
  • EMC function
  • Optional fix mode, such as lifting hooked mode, Chained mode, Boom mode, Wall mounting mode
  • StandardL EN60968, EN 55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
  • Applied range: factory, supermarket, park, wharf, gasoline station, school, gymnasium etc.
Model Rated Power Voltage Range Rated Current Power Factor THD Luminous Flux Pupil Luminous Flux Can Replace The Light Source (w)
(W) (V) (A) (THD) (Lm) (PLm) HP MH SON
SHX65WB4U 65 AC85–265 0.3 0.99 < 10% 4550 6800 250 / /
SHX85WB4U 85 AC85–265 0.39 0.99 < 10% 5950 9000 250 / /
SHX105WB4U 105 AC85–265 0.47 0.99 < 10% 7350 11000 250 / /
Model Rated Power Voltage Range Rated Current Power Factor THD Luminous Flux Pupil Luminous Flux Can Replace The Light Source (w)
(W) (V) (A) (THD) (Lm) (PLm) HP MH SON
SHX125WB5U 125 AC85–265 0.56 0.99 <10% 8750 13150 250 / /
SHX135WB5U 135 AC85–265 0.61 0.99 <10% 10150 15200 450 250 250
SHX150WB5U 150 AC85–265 0.68 0.99 <10% 11250 16900 450 250 250
SHX185WB5U 185 AC85–265 0.84 0.99 <10% 13800 20800 / 400 400
SHX200WB5U 200 AC85–265 0.90 0.99 <10% 15000 22500 / 400 400
SHX250WB5U 250 AC85–265 1.13 0.99 <10% 18750 28000 / 400 400