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  • Designed for explosive atmosphere Zone 1, Zone 2,
  • Designed for
    • Groups IIA, IIB, IIC,
    • Temperature classes T1~T6
  • Lamp options: high light LED, phosphor circular flourescent lamp,
  • Features of energy saving, high efficiency, long service life, maintenance free and reduce usage cost
  • Suitable for places with higher requirement of lightings.
  • Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, chemistry, medicine, military and military facilities etc site with explosive atmosphere


Model Code

CCd 96 – [] [] [] []

[] – J: With emergency unit

[] – Mounting types (x: ceiling g: pendant b: bracket h: fence f: flange w: bend rod)

[] – Lamp power

[] – Lamp options (LED: light emitting diode;H:circular flourescent)

96 – Design number (maintenance free energy saving type)

CCd – Explosion proof lighting


Selection Table

 Model Lamp Power (W) Luminous Flux (lm) Rated Voltage Explosion Protection
 CCd96 LED15 LED 15 1500 AC90˜270  ExdeIICT6
 CCd96 H22  Circular flourescent lamp  22  1250  AC176˜264  ExdeIICT6
 CCd96 H40  Circular flourescent lamp  40  2700  AC176˜264  ExdeIICT6

Ordering References

  • Lighting fixture with light sources inside when delivery.
  • Emergency unit for circular flourescent lamp 40W should be specially made.


  • Enclosure : die casted of aluminum alloy, high voltage electrostatic powder coated after shot blasted,
  • Polycarbonate transparent cover with gestures of high transmittance, impact resistance and ageing resistance.
  • Lamp options of high lights LED or phosphor circular flourescent lamp.
  • High light LED lamp with features of small volume, high light efficiency, low consumption, the theoretical service life reach 100000 hours.
  • Phosphor circular fluorescent lamp with features of soft light, good color rendering index
  • Excellent photometric design, equiped with special design to exert property of different light sources.
  • Anodized high purity aluminum reflector with high reflectivity greatly enhance the lighting efficiency of the lighting fixture.
  • Compound structure designed, connection compartment is of increased safety structure convenient for quick wiring.
  • Wide voltage range meeting with industry site usage requirements.
  • Specially designed seal structure to ensure ingress protection IP66.
  • Specially design mounting accessories convenient for quick install.
  • Exposed fasteners are of high corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Steel conduit or cable wiring.


Technical Specification

  • Compliance with:GB 3836. 1, GB 3836. 2, GB 3836. 3, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC 60079-7
  • Explosion protection:ExdeIICT6
  • Rated voltage: AC 90~270V /AC 176~264V
  • Lamp options: LED 15W, Circular fluorescent 22W,40W
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Corrosion resistance: WF1
  • Cable entries specification: G3/4 “
  • Cable outer diameter: Φ9mm˜Φ14mm
  • Battery charging time: ≤ 24h
  • Emergency starting time: ≤0.3s
  • Emergency duration time: ≥90min


Mounting Methods and Photometry

Mounting Methods and Dimensions

No. Description Remarks
1 Ccd96 Explosion proof lighting
2 Bolt M8
3 Up rail
4 Down rail
5 Bracket
6 Ex junction box AH G3/4 ( II C) Hung is G1/2 Equiped by User
7 Rod G1/2      300mm
8 Special ex junction box for ex flourescent fittin Equiped by user
9 Ex flexible conduit NGd 15 350C(G1/2  MG3/4 M
10 Pendant type support
11  Blot M6
12 Explosion proof active connector BHJ G3/4B Equiped by user
13 Bent pipe G3/4 (both ends with G3/4 male thread) (Beng rod type)
14 U type pipe clamp G3/4 Equiped by user
15 Fixed Plate Equiped by user
16 Explosion proof cative connector BHJ G3/4C Equiped by user
17 Bent rod G1 1/4  (both ends with G3/4 female thread) (Fence type)
18 U type pipe clamp G1 1/4
19 Bent rod G1 1/4 (one end with G3/4 female thread) (Flange Type)