RFBY121 Series Explosion-Proof LED Fluorescent Lamp

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RFBY121 series explosion-proof and maintenance-free product name and model of low-carbon LED fluorescent lamp

All Relevant Departments:

According to market needs, company developed low carbon RFBY121 series explosion-proof and maintenance-free LED fluorescent lamp, public specific names and types are as follows, List of all departments and all the sales personnel in strict compliance.

1 .Name:RFBY121series explosion-proofand maintenance-free low-carbonLED fluorescentlamp.

2 .Diagram:


3 .StylingGuide

RFBY 121 □ □
□ – Installationstyle:Ceilingtype(x)、Hanging chaintype(d)、Pendant type(g)、Wall-30 °type(b)、Fencetype(h)、Flange type(f)、 Curvedbar type(w)

□ – Ledpower

121 – Designnumber

RFBY – Explosion-proofand maintenance-free low-carbon LED fluorescentlamp

4 .Appearance and main technical parameters:

  • RFBY121 explosion-proof and maintenance-free low carbon LED fluorescent lamp suitable for all kinds of dangerous places of gas and dust.
  • Ex mark: Ex nR II C T6 Gc; Ex tD A21 IP66 T80 °C
  • Protection grade: IP66
  • Anti corrosion grade: WF2
NO. Parameter Name Unit Power
20w 40w 60w
1 Rated Voltage V AC220V (Operating Voltage AC90V~264V)
2 Frequency Hz 50/60
3 Light Source Types / 2835-LED led (chip: puri)
4 Introduction of cable diameter mm Φ9mm~14mm
5 Cable Entry port thread / G3/4
6 Lighting Dimensions

(Length x Width x Height)

mm 645x127x45 1130x127x45 1615x127x45
7 Weight Kg 2.0 3.0 4.1

5. Design Standard:

  • GB 3836.1 – 2010 <<Explosive atmospheres   1th part: General requirements for equipment>>
  • GB 3836.8 – 2014 <<Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres    8th part: The “n” type protection equipment>>
  • GB 12476.1 – 2013 <<Electrical apparatus for combustible dusts 1th part: General Requirements>>
  • GB 12476.5 – 2013 <<Electrical apparatus fro combustible dusts 5th part: Enclosure protection type “tD”>>

II. Product Scope:

Mainly used for class II (other than coal mines of explosive gases or steam), II a, II b and II c-level, temperature class for T1~T6 explosive atmosphere zone 2 hazardous areas and T1~T6 temperature group of combustible dust and air to form a mixture of environment zone 21 and zone 22 places. As use of the operations, activities, and other indoor and outdoor lighting.

III. Core Values:

  • Energy Conservation: Reduce lighting energy consumption, achieve energy-efficiency targets, and reduce operating costs.
    • High Quality LED light sources, light efficiency is greater than 1001m/W than fluorescent light over 50%
    • Software simulation design, special transparent material with light transparency, high lighting efficiency.
  • High lighting comfort: no glare, no flicker, bright and comfortable lighting environment, reduce misoperation and the visual fatigue, improve the efficiency and quality of
    • Special light translucent material, uniform illumination and high lighting glare.
    • Environmental health, mercury-free LED light source elements, no Flash.
  • High reliability reduce the impact of lamps of normal  production after a failure, reduce maintenance costs.
    • High-quality LED, Good heat dissipation structure LED only 10 degrees of temperature rise, life up to 100,000 hours to achieve maintenance-free
    • Full bridge uses the latest technology, plastic technology, wide input voltage of high reliability electronic drive.
  • From structural design to meet water requirements, product shell protection grade IP66, can be used indoor and outdoor places and reliable;
  • Main shell for aluminum extrusion, Anodic oxidation treatment on the outer surface, shell shock-resistant high strength, corrosion-resistant level at WF2, can be used in corrosive environment medium-and long-term reliable operation;
  • High Quality, enhance brand image
    • Streamlined appearance shape-designing, structural design of high quality aluminum alloy shell material, integration.
  • Maintenance-free low-carbon, LED lighting

For all-solid luminous, shock-resistant, impact resistant unbreakable, waste recycling no pollution. Of course, saving energy is the main reason we consider using an LED light source, perhaps LED light source is more expensive than traditional light sources, but about a year back light source of energy-saving investments, resulting in net income from 4-9 several times a year in energy conservation.

IV. Outline and Installation Dimension



No Name Quantity Notes
1 RFBY121 Explosion – proof and

Maintenance – free low – carbon

LED fluorescent lamp

2 Installation (Ceiling type) 2
3 Hexagon socket head cap screws M6*16 4
4 Connection Screw M8 G3/4 2
5 Steel pipe G3/4*300mm/500mm 2
6 Suction Cup G3/4 2
7 Hexagon Screw M8*16 2
8 Mounting rack (Wall type) 2
9 Adaptor Bracket 2
10 Screw rings 2
11 Chain 450mm 2
12 Hook 2
13 Pipe Damp G1 1/4 2
14 Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe NGD-20*700 1
15 Curved rod G1 1/4 1
16 Connector 1
17 Fence post G1 1/2 1
18 U-tube dip 2
19 Explosion-proof joint BIIJ-G (G1 1/2 out G3/4 out) 2
20 Flanged column G1 1/2 2
21 Fixed plate 2
22 Explosion-proof joint BHJ-G (G1 1/4 out G3/4 out) 2