RFBL105 LED Explosion Proof Platform Light

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LED Ex-proof platform light RFBL105



  • Hazardous zones: 1, 2, 20, 21, 22
  • Dust: Zone 21, Zone 22
  • Gas: IIA IIB IIC
  • Temperature: T1~T6
  • It meets the standards and requirements for hazardous environments.
  • Ideal for oil, petrochemical, drilling, chemical plants and other inflammable and explosive dangerous places
  • Suitable fro all kinds of platform, workshop, tank are, transfer station, control room, pump room and other work for fixed lighting.

Features and Benefits

  • 90~305 AC and 12~24V DC can be choose.
  • Integrated LED mode for light source, low consumption, high brightness, at the same brightness than high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury saving more than 70%
  • LED low voltage DC, do not need ballast, DC drive power to the integration in the LDE light fixtures.
  • Excellent heat dissipation, the service life more than 50000h, almost maintenance-free
  • Shell of aluminum alloy die-casting model, anti-electrostatic on surface, coated anti corrosion.
  • Explosion proof the highest level, has excellent water proof, dust proof and anti-corrosion
  • High-strength tempered glass lens, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high transmittance
  • Advanced lens optical design, with rectangle light and circular light can be choose, wide illumination range, uniform illumination
  • Light source cavity, power cavity, three-cavity separate wiring compartment, ensure that the system is stable.
  • Optimized design of drive power, high precision constant current, wide input voltage range, high efficiency, anti-interference grid design.
  • Various installation options


  • Input Voltage: AC220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power:80/100/120W
  • Anti Corrosion: WF2
  • Insulation Grade: I
  • Dimensions: 314X 314×220 mm
  • Screw thread of inlet:G3/4”
  • The introduction of cable: Φ8~12mm
  • Weight:6.3Kg
  • Ingress Protection Rating:IP66
  • Temp Class: T6
  • Ex mark: Ex d II C T6 Gb/DIPA20TA

Light Distribution Curve


Installation Drawing