RFBL154 LED Explosion Proof Light

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LED Ex-proof high efficiency energy-saving light RFBL154



  • It meets the standards and requirements for hazardous environments.
  • Ideal for use in oil fields, chemical plants, power plants, petroleum, painting areas & damp conditions
  • Hazardous zones: 1, 2
  • Gas: IIA, IIB, IIC,
  • Temperature: T1-T6

Feature and Benefits

  • Optical system features
    • Choose import chip, having excellent lumen maintenance and high effect.
    • Adopted SMT, to improve thermal conductivity greatly
    • Carefully design of honeycomb structure, effectively improve the efficiency of lighting.
  • Drive system features
    • Constant current drive equipped with function of over voltage protection, short-circuit protection.
    • Model EA as normal work lighting, equipped with emergency function; model EB only for emergency lighting, closed status in ordinary times, model A, B all can start emergency light when the main power is power off.
    • Power itself has excellent anti electromagnetic  interference, will not cause any interference by any electrical machines and power net.
    • Equipped wide voltage compatible characteristics, tolerance 20% voltage fluctuation.
    • Adhesive sealing process to ensure that the element anti corrosion.
  • Heat dissipation system features
    • Carefully design of three cavity independent structure (independent of light source/power/wiring cavity) to ensure that the element work stable.
    • Designed to guide the coding air duct with a diversion structure, ensure the service life of LED light source.
    • Designed independent power cavity, the heat of Led do not impact power work, prolong the service life.
  • Lamp Structure Features
    • Choose explosion proof class IIC and IP66 protection grade, it has excellent explosion proof protect grade performance
    • High borosilicate  glass, can afford strong impact.
    • All exposed fasteners and accessories are made of high corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials.
    • Adopt one-piece emergency cavity, do not need equip emergency box, convenient to install and maintenance.
    • The top-chamber lid of chaining, convenient to user wiring and maintenance; many kinds of installation method for choose from


  • Input Voltage: AC220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 40/50/60W
  • Anti Corrosion: WF2
  • Insulation Grade: |
  • Dimensions: Φ260x285mm
  • Screw Thread of inlet: G3/4″
  • The introduction of cable: Φ8~12mm
  • Weight: 4.6Kg
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP66
  • Temp Class: T6
  • Ex mark: Ex d II C


Light Distribution Curve


Installation Drawing