CFD3-I Incandescent Explosion-Proof Light

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Scope of Application

It can be used safely and reliably in the place with explosive air mixture, with explosive material ||A, || B. The temperature group is T1 – T4 in cabin and outdoor place.

Product Characteristics

  1. The shell is made of good quality brass foundry, toughened glass lam-shade, with brass guard.
  2. The gland has two kind, one is tube screw type, screw is G3/4; Another one is bugle-type.

Production authentication

  1. Passed the examination of National Explosion-proof Safety Supervisal and Inspection station for Luminaire
  2. Approved by CCS (China Classification Society)

Adopt Standard: Conform to National standard GB3836, GB12045 THE TECHNICAL CONDITION OF MARINE EXPLOSION-PROOF LIGHT

Technical Parameters


Type Explosion Proof Mark Voltage Power Illuminant Lamp Holder Cable Outside Diameter Protection Class Material Weight
CFD2a Exd II B T3 220V 200W Incandescent lamp E27 Φ11 – Φ13 IP55 brass 19kg
CFD2b Exd II B T3 220V 125W self-ballast high-pressure mercury lamp E27 Φ11 – Φ13 IP55 brass 19kg
CFD3 Exd II B T4 24V 25W incandescent lamp E27 Φ11 – Φ13 IP56 brass 13.5kg
110V 40W/60W
220V 40W/60W/100W
CFD3-I Exd II C T4 24V 25W incandescent lamp E27 Φ11 – Φ13 IP56 brass 8.5kg
110V 40W/60W
220V 40W/60W/100W