CFY21-2, CFY41-2 Explosion Proof Pendant Light

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Scope of Application
Applied to ship oil exploit platform, chemical product and explosive gas place zone 1 or zone 2.

Product Characteristic

  1. The shell is made of good quality steel, the lampshade is good quality transparency PC
  2. Integral type clip, high protection grade
  3. The light adopt rapid ex-proof electronic ballast, with good starter effect
  4. Ex-proof lamp holder Fa6
  5. Flameproof type, increased safety type and cementing type structure

Adopt Standard:

Conform to international IEC standard, GB 19510.4, GB3836 AND GB12045 standard relative requirement.

Type Explosion Proof Mark Voltage Power Holder Cable outside diameter Protection Class Weight
CFY21-2 Exernd II C T5 220V/50Hz
2*20W Fa6 Φ10- Φ12.5 IP56 5.5kg
CFY41-2 2*40W 9.5kg

Technical Parameters