EEW BXM(D) SERIES Explosion Proof Corrosion Resistance Power Distribution Panel

1. Explosive gas mixture hazardous locations: Zone 1 and Zone 2.

2. Explosive gas mixtures: IIA, IIB, IIC.

3, flammable dust environment:20,21,22 area

4, explosion-proof signs: ExdeIIBT6, ExdeIICT6

5.often be used in chemical plant,gas station,oil station,workshop,warehouse, pharmaceuticals,smelting, shipbuilding, military, textile and other flammable and explosive places

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1. The explosion-proof, corrosion Resistance control box is suitable for AC 50Hz, 220/380V, DC voltage to 220V line, centralized control of starting and stopping of multiple motors at a long distance;

2, the module structure can be freely combined according to user needs;

3. The outer casing is made of high-strength glass fiber unsaturated polyester resin, and has excellent functions such as corrosion resistance, antistatic and impact resistance, good thermal stability and beautiful appearance;

4, explosion-proof anti-corrosion enclosure, can be equipped with a variety of explosion-proof components;

5. The explosion-proof anti-corrosion control box is composed of an increased safety type casing, flameproof components (indicators, ammeters, buttons, switches) and terminal blocks;

6. The outer casing is molded by glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin. It has excellent performances such as beautiful shell corrosion resistance, antistatic and impact resistance and good thermal stability.

7. The explosion-proof and anti-corrosive components are directly stuck on the standard rail. The protrusions on the components and the grooves on the rails ensure the position of the built-in components is installed. The minimum center distance between the components and the components is 42 mm.

8, can be steel pipe or cable wiring.

9, in line with GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard requirements.

Technical Parameters

1  Compliance with: GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.3, GB12476.1, GB12476.5, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7;

2  Explosion-proof mark:  Ex de IIBT6 Gb/tD A21 IP66 T80℃;  Ex de IIC T6  Gb/tD A21 IP66 T80℃;

3  Protection level: IP66;

4   Corrosion resistance: WF2;

5   Cable entry:  G2-3/4″;

6  Cable outer diameters: Φ9mm~Φ55mm

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