EEW BJX Explosion Proof Junction Boxes

Certified Authentic With Complete Certificate

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Designed for Explosive atmosphere Zone 1, Zone 2, Combustible dust Zone 21, Zone 22
Designed for Groups 21,22, Temperature classes T1~T6
Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, chemistry, medicine, textile, painting, military and military facilities etc. site with explosive atmosphere.



Enclosure is die casted of aluminum alloy, high voltage electrostatic powder coated surface.
Stainless steel enclosure is available as per request.
Special terminals easy to connection.
Cable entries direction can be made as per request, and BDM type cable glands is available as per request.
Plastic locking nut for cable entry below G1″, aluminum cable glands for cable entry over G1″. Please indicate when special requirement.
Thread type of cable entry is G type.Metric, NPT etc. threads are available as per request. 

Technical Parameters

Compliance with:  GB3836.1,GB3836.2,GB3836.3,GB12476.1,  IEC60079-0,IEC60079-1,IEC60079-7,IEC61241-1-1;

Explosion protection:  ExdII BT6,ExdII CT6,ExeII T6,DIP A21 TA,T6;

Rated voltage:  AC380V/220V;

Rated current:  10A,20A ,32A,40A, 60A, 100A, 400A;

Ingress protection:    IP65;

Cable entry:    G1/2″~G2″






Appearance and Mounting Dimensions


             Compliance with                 GB3836.1,GB3836.2,GB3836.3,GB12476.1,  IEC60079-0,IEC60079-1,IEC60079-7,IEC61241-1-1
                Rated voltage:                 AC380V/220V
                Rated current                 10A,20A ,32A,40A, 60A, 100A, 400A
                Explosion protection                 ExdII BT6,ExdII CT6,ExeII T6,DIP A21 TA,T6
                Ingress protection                 IP65
                Cable entry                 G1/2″~G2″