PLZ-3 Solar Energy FlashingObstacle Light

PLZ-3 solar energy flashing obstruction light is powered by solar energy cell plate unit, that is composed of the highest quality photo-electric cells to transfer the solar energy into electric energy, then the acid battery is charged, the light is powered by the battery. There is a controller inside the PLZ-3 solar energy flashing obstacle light, which enable the light flashing at night and stop working in day time. The light will continue to work even in the cloudy or raining days.适用范围:Scope of Application Using solar-power instead of the transmission cables, the PLZ-3 solar-powered flash aviation obstruction beacon specially applies to the place where is difficult to laying wires or lacking electric source, and the buildings which has


The obstruction lamp is composed of lamp body, lamp holder, solar panel and other parts, as shown in the figure below. The battery panel is connected with the base as a whole and forms a 40 ° inclination angle, which reduces the impact of dust and contamination on the photocell. It can also work normally in rainy days.

The wireless digital clock technology is adopted to realize the wireless joint control and synchronous flashing of multiple solar energy obstacle lights. The old mode of using solar energy to supply power and realizing synchronous operation of multiple lights can only use the wired connection of the centralized solar power supply system, which truly realizes the work without all cables. Especially for high-voltage power transmission tower, the application of single solar wireless clock obstacle lights can not only enable multiple lights in each tower to work synchronously, but also enable all obstacle lights on multiple towers to flash synchronously. The application of this technology has greatly improved the requirements for obstacle warning of complex obstacles in the standard, and greatly reduced the installation and maintenance costs.

Technical Parameters

Type PLZ-3
Peak efficient intensity 1600cd
Flash frequency 20~60 times/minute
Life span of light tube 80000 hours
Power supply Solar energy battery
Power consumption 10W
Operating temperature -40℃~70℃
Over all dimension: mm 415×330×385
Install dimension: mm 66×66
Protecting class IP 65
Ambient luminance for switching 50cd/m2
Color Red
Mass 6kg

Outline & Mounting Dimensions