PLZ-3TB Antimagnetic Solar-powered Flash Obstruction Light

The power supply system of PLZ-3TB series consists of the international-advanced solar panels and the maintenance-free batteries. It’s outer covering can resist shocks and corrosion. The lampshade is made of high-strength polycarbonate and designed based on precision optics. By using low-energy long-life and cold-light flash fluorescent tube, its light source life can reach 80000 hours which is guaranteed for 5.4 to 10 years normal working. By using low-energy control circuit, the voltage short and overvoltage protector, its peak bright intensity can reach 1600cd. The PLZ-3C series achieves the characteristics of high-intensity, low-energy consumption and long-lifetime.



The PLZ-3TB solar antimagnetic aviation flashing obstacle light uses solar energy to supply power without power transmission cable, and is especially suitable for the construction facilities with difficult cable laying, lack of power supply, and high lightning protection requirements, such as broadcast medium wave tower, TV microwave tower, ultra-high voltage transmission tower, etc., for aviation obstacle indication.

Technical Parameters

Type PLZ-3
Peak efficient intensity 1600cd
Flash frequency 20~60 times/minute
Life span of light tube 80000 hours
Power supply Solar energy battery
Power consumption 10W
Operating temperature -40℃~70℃
Over all dimension: mm 415×330×385
Install dimension: mm 66×66
Protecting class IP 65
Ambient luminance for switching 50cd/m2
Color Red
Mass 6kg

Outline & Mounting Dimensions