RC-ZFZD-E6W- RFBJ01 Explosion-proof Fire Emergency Light

Application & Model Code

Hazardous zones: 1, 2,
Temperature :T1~T6
It meets the standards and requirements for hazardous environments.
Ideal for use in oil fields, chemical plants, power plants, petroleum, painting areas & and damp condition.

Model Code: RC-ZFZD-E6W- RFBJ01



  1. Chosen high quality chip, instant light with Maximum luminous flux even at very low temperatures.

2.Adopted SMT, to improve  thermal conductivity greatly

  1. Constant current drive with high over voltage protection, short-circuit.
  2. power itself has excellent anti electromagnetic interference
  3. Adhesive sealing process to ensure that the element anti corrosion
  4. carefully design (independent of light source/power/wiring cavity) to ensure that the element work stable

7 . The roof cavity it is convenient for wiring and maintenance

  1. Various installation options

Ordering References

Ordering References

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage: AC220V Ac100-264V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power:2x3W Led

Anti Corrosion: WF2                      Backup Power : 420 Mins. / 7hrs

Insulation Grade: I                         Dimensions: Φ320×310 mm

Screw thread of inlet:G3/4”        The introduction of cable: Φ7~14mm

Weight:2.3Kg                                   Ingress Protection Rating:IP66

Temp Class: T6                                Ex mark: Ex d II C T^ Gb; ExtD A21 IP66T80°